2016 AAPG-ACE, Check it Out!

2016 AAPG-ACE Website. We love the design!
Have you been following #ACE2016? This week AAPG had its Annual Convention and Exposition, and SEPM is hosting their annual meeting there concurrently. You can see what happened by searching the hashtag #ACE2016 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. AGI's current President, and Texas State Geologist, Scott Tinker, was recognized for his outstanding leadership (we couldn't agree more!).  There are also pictures of the networking reception co-hosted by AWG and SEG, in addition to AAPG. As always, we love to see the pictures from the Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) competition and the field trips exploring the geology of the Calgary area. 

Visualizing Tropical Storm Colin Precipitation using geoknife

Tropical Storm Colin (TS Colin) made landfall on June 6 in western Florida. The storm moved up the east coast, hitting Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We can explore the impacts of TS Colin using open data and R. Using the USGS-R geoknife package, we can pull precipitation data by county.

First, we created two functions. One to fetch data and one to map data.

Function to retrieve precip data using geoknife:


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