Critical Issues: Register today for the AGI Forum on Groundwater Issues!

AGI Forum 2016 Groundwater Issues
Register today for the 2016 Critical Issues Forum on Addressing Changes in Regional Groundwater Resources: Lessons from the High Plains Aquifer, which will be held October 27-28, 2016 in Golden, Colorado. Members of AGI member organizations receive a discount on full priced registration. Book your accommodations by September 30 and register by October 15 for lower rates.  

Critical Issues: Human-Caused Earthquakes, Human Solutions

Industrial waste arrives at a wastewater disposal facility near Platteville, CO. The waste will be treated and then injected into deep underground storage wells. Image Credit: Bill Ellsworth, USGS.
The September 3rd earthquake in Pawnee, Oklahoma, renewed national discussion on the link between earthquakes and human activity. "Induced seismicity," as human-caused earthquakes are referred to in the field, has been linked to the injection of industrial wastewater into disposal wells deep beneath the Earth's surface. Recently published research from the U.S.

SEG: Rare Earth and Critical Elements in Ore Deposits

Cover of SEG Reviews in Economic Geology Vol. 18
The Society of Economic Geologists has announced the publication of Reviews in Economic Geology: Rare Earth and Critical Elements in Ore Deposits vol. 18 edited by Philip L. Verplanck and Murray W. Hitzman. This publication covers "This important volume brings the explorationist up to date on our knowledge of lithium, uranium, yttrium, and other rare earth and critical elements.

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Presidential Candidates Respond to Science Questions

Science Debate logo
Science Debate announced that the presidential candidates have responded to their 20 Questions. AGI, with 11 AGI member organizations and 44 other nonpartisan U.S. organizations, called on the Presidential candidates to address 20 questions on the most important science, engineering, technology, health, and environment issues facing the next President.

SVP: "What Happened to My Humerus?"

SVP Logo
In a recent blog post by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, author Darin Croft reflects on his experiences as a vertebrate paleontologist and how his career has shaped his outlook on incomplete fossil assemblages, and how his understanding of the taphonomy has matured with experience. Fun brush up for the paleontologists at heart. 

SEG: Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny & Senior Exploration Management Course

SEG Logo
The Society of Economic Geologists has announced two upcoming events. The first is the "Tethyan Tectonics and Metallogeny" in Çesme, Turkey, September 25-28, 2016. From November 29th-December 2nd, 2016 SEG will be offering a Senior Exploration Management Course at the SEG Course Center in Littleton, Colorado. Informational documents are attached to this post, and both events have been listed on the AGI GeoCalendar

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