Tools and Strategies for Finding Programmatic Strengths and Weaknesses

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Friday, October 9, 2020 1:00 PM EDT | 1 hour 30 mins
Series: AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs

Tools and Strategies for Finding Programmatic Strengths and Weaknesses

Are you looking for ways to improve your undergraduate geoscience program? What tools and strategies can you use to identify where your program is succeeding and where it needs your attention? At many institutions of higher education, program assessment and review is required, and can be seen as a chore or busywork. But the data that goes into a program assessment can give you insight into your students, highlight your strengths and successes, and help focus your efforts to improve. In this webinar, we will approach the idea of program assessment starting with skills and concepts that are important to the geosciences, and consider the ways you can make use of community resources in program assessments that both help strengthen your program and meet the requirements of your institution. This webinar is designed for any department chair, program director, assessment coordinator, or instructor who is interested in collecting and using data to guide decisions about program improvements.

The webinar panelists are:

  • Karen Viskupic, Assistant Professor, Department of Geoscience, Boise State University and President of National Association of Geoscience Teachers
  • Anne Egger, Associate Professor, Geological Sciences and Science Education at Central Washington University and the Executive Director of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers

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