Field Camp Attendance Continues to Steadily Increase

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Friday, December 6, 2013
Attendance at U.S. field camps reached 2,973 students in 2013, which was a 5% increase from 2012. Attendance was reported by 102 of the existing 124 field camps, however, not every camp is held every year and data many not be reported on a regular basis.
There has a steady increase in field camp attendance since 2006, increasing 92%. This can be attributed to an overall increase in field camp attendance, as well as an
increase in reported field camp attendance data and locations.
AGI last reported on field camp attendance in 2011 and can be found in Geoscience Currents #55.
The location and relative number of field camps are represented with the shades of blue in the map, and the yellow shade denotes states with universities that offer a field camp that takes place in one of the blue-shaded states.  As seen on the map, the majority of field camps offered by geoscience departments occur in the Western States, particularly in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.  However, a few institutions hold field camps in eight other countries.
The U.S. Field Camp database is maintained by Dr. Penelope Morton at the University of Minnesota Duluth. To make sure your field camp is listed, or to report your field camp attendance, please contact Dr. Morton at
Data provided by Dr. Penelope Morton
Figures created by Carolyn E. Wilson