I have a degree in geosciences; now what? How to make a career out of science writing

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Many geoscience students pursue their degrees thinking that they will remain in academia or will become researchers at other public or private ventures. By the time they graduate, however, some students have re-evaluated their initial career ideas and are looking for alternatives that meld their scientific backgrounds with other interests. When those interests include communicating the novelty, excitement and value of a wide scope of modern science to the public, science writing can be an extremely rewarding path for geoscience graduates. But how does one become a science writer? What skills does someone need to possess or develop to be an effective writer, reporter and editor? Does someone need a graduate degree in journalism, in science, both, or neither to get a job in science writing? And what kinds of jobs are even available for those interested in science writing? This talk will primarily discuss how to incorporate one's skills, interests and training to land a job in science writing. Additionally, it will touch on what someone entering the important field of science writing can expect to encounter, coming from the perspective of an editor and writer at EARTH Magazine.

  • Sara Pratt*
  • Geological Society of America Annual Meeting 2013