Assessing Your Science Teaching

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The following questions are to guide you in reflecting upon and improving your science teaching. You might find them useful at the end of each lesson or after teaching a unit.

How did it go?

  • How well did the lesson/unit meet your expectations in terms of student engagement?
  • If the lesson/unit fell short of your expectations, what will you do to increase your students' participation next time?

What did they learn?

  • What evidence do you have that your students understood the science concepts in the lesson/unit?
  • What evidence do you have that your students learned new skills through your lesson/unit?

What would you change?

  • What classroom management changes will you make the next time you teach the lesson/unit?
  • What time management changes will you make?
  • What different hands-on materials will you use next time?
  • What alternative assessment techniques will you use the next time?