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Geoscience Careers

Do your students want to become Earth scientists? Do they know what these scientists do? Your students might be surprised at the range of opportunities offered by the Earth sciences.

Geoscientists study and work with minerals, soil, agriculture, energy resources, fossils, oceans and freshwater, the atmosphere, weather, the environment, natural hazards and space exploration.

Your students just might become Earth scientists when they grow up. The links below offer information on the classes they should take and the work they are likely to do as caretakers of Earth's resources and environment!

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Students stufying soil at an NRCS educational event in Missouri
Resource Type: Career Information

Description of geoscience careers with links to job sources

Land and Undersea topography from the Indian Ocean areas
Resource Type: Career Information

Jobs in geography career center; includes Earth science jobs

Earthquake-proof pipeline near San Andreas fault
Resource Type: Career Information

Career center for members of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Volcanologists taking measurements to indicate magma movement
Resource Type: Career Information

Career center with videos, webinars, information

Hawaii lava sampling
Resource Type: Career Information

Job postings

Tags: geology, careers
Early stage tornado in Oklahoma
Resource Type: Career Information

Job opportunities, career information, statistics and resources

North American crustal plates and earthquake epicenters
Resource Type: Career Information

Job and internship opportunities

Seismogrph monitoring
Resource Type: Career Information

Geoscience career information, specific career profiles

Rainbow over the Zambezi River gorge in Africa
Resource Type: Career Information

Geoscience job postings

Paria River in the Chinle Formation, Arizona and Utah
Resource Type: Career Information

Information on geoscience careers with a video on why becoming a geoscientist is important