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A fossil is any evidence of past life. Fossils formed from animal bodies or their imprints are called body fossils. When people think about fossils, they usually think about body fossils. Trace fossils are another kind of fossil. A trace fossil is any evidence of the life activity of an animal that lived in the past. Burrows, tracks, trails, feeding marks, and resting marks are all examples of trace fossils.

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Curricula & Instruction Resources

Hikers in canyon, Navajo Sandstone
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

The American Institute of Professional Geologists lists educational resources from a variety of...

Education and Outreach
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

In this unit, your students will study fossils. Fossils are any evidence of past plant or animal...

Gastropod Fossils
Resource Type: Assessments

Pre-assessment tasks help you to find out what knowledge, experiences, skills and attitudes your...


Teaching Media Resources

Paleontologist at Dinosaur National Monument
Resource Type: Image Collections

A curated collection of paleontology career images from the Earth Science World Image Bank to...

Dimetrodon skeleton
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through...

Point Sur, California
Resource Type: Image Collections

CalPhotos is a collection of 513,333 photos of plants, animals, fossils, people, and landscapes...


Outreach Programs

Albertosaurus skeleton
Resource Type: Location-based Outreach Programs

The Paleontological Research Institution is a national leader in Earth systems science education...

T Rex head (bones, fossil)
Resource Type: Location-based Outreach Programs

The world-famous fossil known as “SUE” is the largest, best-preserved, and most complete...

Coal power plant, Kentucky
Resource Type: Commemorative Days and Events

Zero Emissions Day, or ZeDay, aims to "give out planet one day off a year." ZeDay guidelines are...