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Climate is the long-term average of the weather. It is observed over periods of many years, decades, and centuries. In many areas of the United States, the daily high temperature or the daily low temperature can vary by as much as 30 degrees F from day to day.

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Curricula & Instruction Resources

Mississippi River flooding in Missouri
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

"Exploring Earth: Rising Sea" is a hands-on activity demonstrating ways to use topographical...

Earth from Space showing Africa and Antarctica
Resource Type: Curriculum Materials

In collaboration with NASA, the NISE Network has assembled a set of engaging, hands-on Earth and...

Education and Outreach
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

Current consumption of fossil fuel releases more than 25 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere...


Teaching Media Resources

Paleontologist at Dinosaur National Monument
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Earth's climate is a complex system controlled by many factors. This Click and Learn will...

Aerial view of Cariaco Basin, Venezuela
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Flow: Currents and climate introduces viewers to oceanic thermohaline circulation -- the system...

Earth from Space showing Africa and Antarctica
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Has Earth changed over deep time? How did Earth shape life and life shape Earth? What does Earth...


Outreach Programs

Snake River and the Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountains
Resource Type: Online Outreach Programs

In this program, park rangers from Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park broadcast live to your...

Weather Stations at the Quelccaya Ice Cap
Resource Type: Online Outreach Programs

Interactive exhibit that allows visitors to learn more about the changing climate and ways we...

Cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning
Resource Type: Commemorative Days and Events

The World Meteorological Organization has its fundamental mission to support the countries of...