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Rocks are mixtures of one or more minerals. Sedimentary rocks are made of solid, loose pieces of rocks (in the form of sand, silt, clay, and gravel), or the remains of living things found at the surface of the Earth, that over a very long period of time, has become compacted and cemented into sedimentary rock. Igneous rocks come from melted rock material, or magma, that lies beneath Earth’s surface. Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have become changed by intense heat or pressure while forming.

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Curricula & Instruction Resources

African Desert Sand Dunes
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

Students will explore samples of sand from different localities without magnification, and then...

Sphalerite crystals on druzy dolomite
Resource Type: Curriculum Materials

Discover the best websites where you can access free gemology courses online! we list the best...

Variety of Minerals
Resource Type: Classroom Activities

The rock cycle is the combination of all the processes that act to break down rocks, move...


Teaching Media Resources

Big Bend National Park, Texas
Resource Type: Virtual Field Trips

The Geologic Wonders of Texas Module was created as an online resource for students and families...

Cave in Carlsbad Caverns
Resource Type: Virtual Field Trips

Here is the original Virtual Cave, devoted to the astounding variety of nature's handiwork found...

Variety of Minerals
Resource Type: Videos or Animations

Find audio and videos on minerals, engineering, career fields, and more.


Outreach Programs

Students studying soils
Resource Type: Online Outreach Programs

Do you have a question about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains, rocks, maps, ground water, lakes...

Brooks Coal Mine, Colorado, circa 1905
Resource Type: Location-based Outreach Programs

The Weis isn’t your grandfather’s museum full of dusty old glass cases — although we’ve got some...

Variety of Minerals
Resource Type: Location-based Outreach Programs

In addition to producing tomorrow's leaders in science and medicine, public outreach is another...