The Invisible Mine: envisioning the future of mining in Europe

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Friday, October 13, 2023 1:00 PM EDT | 1 hour
Series: Earth Science Week

This presentation will explore emerging robotic technologies set to revolutionise the future of mining. Cutting-edge innovations in AI-guided robotic mining pods and advanced selective mining processes funded by EU research programmes will be covered. The talk will showcase how the uptake of robotic technologies can minimise social and environmental impacts through improvements in safety, efficiency, resource utilisation and the radical reduction of surface footprints. The aim is to highlight the emergence of a new paradigm of near-invisible, minimally invasive mining enhanced by robotics, where raw materials are supplied reliably and ethically without harming natural ecosystems or human communities. The EU efforts to advance this paradigm are boosted by the need to reduce dependency on imports of mineral raw materials required to implement the Green Deal while increasing the public acceptance of mining.


  • Vitor Correia, Secretary General, International Raw Materials Observatory

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About the 2023 Earth Science Week Webinar Series

Innovations in the geosciences allow us to study the Earth in new ways. Emerging technologies and updated methods of collecting data help monitor phenomena such as natural hazards, climate change, and the overall health of ecosystems. The 2023 Earth Science Week webinar series will explore different projects and technologies that are innovatively studying the Earth, and will include ways to bring innovations in geoscience classrooms.