Field Trips for All: Accessibility and Inclusivity for Students with Disabilities

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Friday, April 24, 2020 1:00 PM EDT | 1 hour
Series: AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs

"Inclusive" practices that do not consider equitable access for individuals with disabilities are not inclusive. Disability transcends every population and all aspects of diversity. So then, why does it get so little attention in field-focused science disciplines?  This webinar will discuss the existing geoscience field culture which can limit the inclusion of those with disabilities, identify common barriers to participation, and outline strategies to promote equitable access to field-based learning that is inclusive of individuals with disabilities and their perspectives. Please join panelists Anita Marshall (University  of Florida) and Chris Atchison (University of Cincinnati) to share and learn about how to make your field experiences inclusive and accessible for all.

This webinar will be broadcast with closed captioning in English, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Field Trips for All: Accessibility and Inclusivity for Students with Disabilities

Additional Resources

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