Changing the academic culture around mental health

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Friday, February 9, 2024 1:00 PM EST | 1 hour
Series: AGU/AGI Heads and Chairs

Mental health is a crucial issue in academia, but issues related to mental health and wellness are often swept under the rug, both at the individual and institutional levels. Mental health challenges can be particularly acute in geoscience, particularly in field, shipboard, laboratory, or virtual environments that are often isolating.

Join Dr. Maureen Long, Professor and Chair, from the Yale University’s Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences to learn how her department addressed issues around disability, mental health, and chronic illness and how she and her colleagues and her institution continue to discuss and implement solutions to ongoing challenges. This webinar will provide an overview of one departments initiatives, a discussion of ongoing challenges, and advice for departmental leaders (including chairs, directors of graduate studies, and DEI committee members) on how to effect change. Please join the conversation to learn and share your strategies with the community.

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