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For free access to the Geologic Guidebooks of North America Database, please follow the link at the bottom of the page. The database consists of references to geologic field trip guidebooks of North America. Most of the guidebooks cited are from the period 1940-1988. A few are from earlier years. Geoscience Information Society (GSIS) volunteers have added many post-1988 guidebooks to the database. Beginning in 2002, new guidebooks will be added to GeoRef as part of the regular database production, and then added to the guidebook database from the GeoRef records.

GSIS will keep GeoRef informed about new guidebooks by maintaining on its web site a list of new guidebooks that are not yet in the guidebook database. GSIS members can add new guidebooks they acquire for their libraries to this list. GeoRef will periodically request loans of guidebooks on this list, for input into GeoRef and the guidebook database.

The guidebook database contains the information in the print publication The Union List of Geologic Field Trip Guidebooks of North America, sixth edition, compiled and edited by the Geoscience Information Society Guidebooks Committee, Richard Spohn, Chair, and published by the American Geological Institute in 1996.

To be included in this database, a field trip write-up must include a road log. Typically, the guidebook contains descriptions of the geological features along an itinerary, and is thus a resource for local geology. The database includes geographic and stratigraphic indexes. Since most field trip guidebooks are not available through bookstores and are not widely distributed, the database includes at least one library that holds a copy of each guidebook. The database also includes an up-to-date directory of the libraries that have been listed as guidebook sources, for use in requesting a copy or interlibrary loan of a guidebook. These libraries have generously contributed to the building of the guidebook database. In most cases, a member of the Geoscience Information Society works in the contributing library. The database resides on a server at the American Geosciences Institute.

When accessing the guidebook database, you may choose to search all fields at once or you may choose to search directly on titles, authors, years, source information or geographic and stratigraphic index terms. General search help and field search help are available. Records may be displayed in three multi-record formats. You can choose the format by clicking on the dropdown list at the top of the results page. You can also view one record at a time by clicking on the "single view" link where available on the results pages.

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