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Research Tools

The following are GeoRef research tools:

GeoRef Serials List
The Serials List contains all the serials covered in the GeoRef database.

GeoRef Thesaurus
Edited by Barbara A. Goodman. The Thesaurus is a guide to the index terms used in GeoRef.

Guide to GeoRef Thesaurus Lists
The hierarchical lists provide information on the classification schemes used in GeoRef's controlled vocabulary.

Priority Journals
The journals on this selected list are given priority and included in the GeoRef database with as much speed as is practical.

Open-Access Journals/Series
This list of freely available journals and series are included in GeoRef.

Subjects Covered
The geoscience disciplines covered by GeoRef are outlined.

Videos and Webinars
The following vendors provide some information on how to use the GeoRef database.

Please send comments or requests for information to GeoRef at ml@americangeosciences.org