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Geoscience Theses and Dissertations in GeoRef
It is that time of the year when we request information on Master’s and Bachelor’s theses and Doctoral dissertations for the 2022-2023 time period. We are interested in receiving information in the geoscience disciplines including soils, hydrogeology, marine geology, and environmental geology so that references to these documents can be included in GeoRef, the primary bibliographic service for the geosciences used by thousands of researchers worldwide. Visit GeoRef database for more information.

In addition to being referenced in GeoRef, information on recent theses and dissertations is linked to AGI’s popular publication the Directory of Geoscience Department.

When submitting information directly, please include as much information as possible: title, author, date of publication, degree, total number of pages, number of references in bibliography, details on fold-out maps, illustrations, etc.
If your theses or dissertations are available via the internet, please send us information on how we might access them: through ProQuest, your online library catalog, a department web site, in an electronic repository, etc.
If they are available through an electronic repository that is not open to outside visitors, please consider sending us as much information as is possible directly.
If they are available through your catalog, please send us advice on how to locate the theses and dissertations for the relevant departments.
Send an email to ml@americangeosciences.org to submit them or if you have any questions.

AGI celebrates 75th anniversary with fact-filled social media campaign. Watch for "75 for 75" posts on Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and Instagram in the coming weeks and months.

The GeoRef Preview Database is updated weekly!
173,735 references to recent publications were loaded in our most recent update.

Afifa Kechrid retired on April 28, 2023, after a career of 29 years at AGI. As a long-term Associate Editor in the Department of Scholarly Information, Afifa trained editor/indexers, translated records from French, Arabic, and Italian to English, and was personally responsible for adding more than 500,000 references to the worldwide known database GeoRef.

AGI thanked her for her service and wished her a happy retirement.

AGI StaffAfifa KechridAfifa KechridAGI Staff


Sharon Tahirkheli retired on March 31st, 2023, as Director of Scholarly Information, following a career of more than 40 years of leadership within AGI and the field of geoscience information. She has served as AGI Interim Executive Director as well as the director overseeing GeoRef and AGI's family of many additional information products and services.

AGI celebrated, honored, and thanked her and wished her a happy retirement.

Following her departure, Tia Colvin, a 25-year member of the AGI staff, will serve as Interim Director of Scholarly Information. Serving previously as Associate Editor, Colvin has been substantively engaged in many functions of AGI's Department of Scholarly Information.

Sharon TahirkheliAGI StaffSharon Tahirkheli

Check out our newest complimentary Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium Research Publications Database on our Online Database list. For more information visit https://carbon.americangeosciences.org/vufind/.

GeoRef now contains more than 4 million references to the world's geoscience literature. On July 11, 2018 GeoRef staff passed the 4 million reference mark. Since its development in the late 1960’s, the database has grown steadily – reaching its first million record in 1982. With the acceleration of scientific publishing, the last million records were added over a span of only 9 years. For a short audio clip click here: https://www.americangeosciences.org/geotimes/geotimes-community-post-233...

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GeoRef Logo Meetings

Visit our booth 715 at The Geological Society of America (GSA).
AGI/GeoRef will be exhibiting at the GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 15-18, 2023.
To learn all about GeoRef database, the Glossary of Geology and other AGI products visit us at Booth 715.

Visit our booth at Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).
AGI/CanGeoRef will be exhibiting at PDAC 2024 International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, in Toronto, Canada, March 3-6, 2024.
To learn all about CanGeoRef, other AGI departments and its products visit us at Trade Show North: Booth 6500N.

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GeoRef Logo Journals

Visit Open-Access Journals/Series for the complete list of Open-Access Series covered in GeoRef. Recent additions this month include:

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ACS Omega. eISSN 2470-1343.
Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia. ISSN 0102-6712. eISSN 2179-975X.
Acta Universalis Lodziensis. Folia Geographica Physica. ISSN 1427-9711. eISSN 2353-6063.
Advances in Polar Science. ISSN 1674-9928.
Aktual'nyye Problemy Nefti i Gaza = Actual Problems of Oil and Gas. eISSN 2687-0312.
Al-magallat al-iraqiyyat al-wataniyyat li-ulum al-ard = Iraqi National Journal of Earth Science. ISSN 1682-3222. eISSN 2664-2816.
Annals of Glaciology. ISSN 0260-3055. eISSN 1727-5644.
Archives of Environmental Protection. ISSN 2083-4772. eISSN 2083-4810.
Ba'da = Sea. ISSN 1226-2978. eISSN 2671-8820.
Brazilian Journal of Development. eISSN 2525-8761.
Bulletin of the Natural History Museum - Plovdiv. ISSN 2534-9627. eISSN 2534-9635.
Chinese Journal of Geophysics = Acta Geophysica Sinica. ISSN 0898-9591. eISSN 2326-0440.
The=Compass. ISSN 0894-802X.
Contributions to Geophysics and Geodesy (Tlacene vydanie). ISSN 1335-2806. eISSN 1338-0540.
The=Depositional Record. eISSN 2055-4877.
Dili Kexue = Scientia Geographica Sinica. ISSN 1000-0690.
Diqiu yu xingxing wuli lunping (Zhong-yingwen) = Reviews of Geophysics and Planetary Physics. ISSN 2097-1893.
Documents d'Analisi Geografica. ISSN 0212-1573. eISSN 2014-4512.
Earth and Planetary Physics = Diqui yu xingxing wuli. ISSN 2096-3955.
Earth Science Malaysia. ISSN 2521-5035. eISSN 2521-5043.
Earth Sciences Pakistan. ISSN 2521-2893. eISSN 2521-2907.
European Geologist. ISSN 1028-267X. eISSN 2294-8813.
Fangzai jianzai gongcheng xuebao = Journal of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering. ISSN 1672-2132.
Fei changgui youqi = Unconventional Oil & Gas. ISSN 2095-8471.
Folia Musei Rerum Naturalium Bohemiae Occidentalis: Geologica et Paleobiologica. ISSN 1805-2371. eISSN 1805-286X.
Freshwater Forum. ISSN 0961-4664. eISSN 2042-5244.
Frontiers in Geochemistry. eISSN 2813-5962.
Geochemical Perspectives. ISSN 2223-7755. eISSN 2224-2759.
Geochemical Perspectives Letters. ISSN 2410-339X. eISSN 2410-3403.
Geochimica Brasiliensis. ISSN 0102-9800. eISSN 2358-2812.
Geoderma. ISSN 0016-7061. eISSN 1872-6259.
Geologia USP: Serie Cientifica. ISSN 1519-874X. eISSN 2316-9095.
Geology, Geophysics & Environment. ISSN 2299-8004. eISSN 2353-0790.
Geoloshki Anali Balkanskoga Poluostrva = Annales Géologiques de la Péninsule Balkanique. ISSN 0350-0608. eISSN 2406-0747.
Geophysical Research Letters. ISSN 0094-8276. eISSN 1944-8007.
GeoScience Engineering. eISSN 1802-5420.
Geosistemy Perehodnyh Zon. ISSN 2541-8912. eISSN 2713-2161.
Geosphere (Boulder, CO). eISSN 1553-040X.
Glaciological Data. ISSN 0149-1776.
Hrvatska Vodoprivreda. ISSN 1330-321X. eISSN 1849-8302.
Hrvatske vode. ISSN 1330-1144. eISSN 1849-0506.
Indonesian Journal of Earth Sciences. ISSN 2798-1134. eISSN 2797-3549.
International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering. ISSN 0974-5904.
International Journal of Erosion Control Engineering. ISSN #074-10. eISSN 1882-6547.
Iraqi Geological Journal. ISSN 2414-6064. eISSN 2663-8754.
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy. Geologiya i Razvedka = Proceedings of Higher Educational Establishments Geology and Exploration. ISSN 0016-7762. eISSN 2618-8708.
Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy. Gornyy Zhurnal = Minerals and Mining Engineering. ISSN 0536-1028. eISSN 2686-9853.
JAMSTEC Report of Research and Development. ISSN 1880-1153. eISSN 2186-358X.
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences: X. eISSN 2590-0560.
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering. ISSN 1742-2132. eISSN 1742-2140.
Journal of Groundwater Science and Engineering. ISSN 2305-7068.
Journal of Micropalaeontology. ISSN 0262-821X. eISSN 2041-4978.
Journal of Natural Gas Geoscience. ISSN 2543-151X. eISSN 2468-256X.
Journal of the Geological Survey of Brazil. eISSN 2595-1939.
Journal Officiel des Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises. ISSN 1292-802X.
Lithosphere. ISSN 1941-8264. eISSN 1947-4253.
Miscelánea - INSUGEO. ISSN 1514-4836. eISSN 1668-3242.
Natural Hazards Research. eISSN 2666-5921.
Newsletter for the Canadian Antarctic Research Network = Bulletin pour le Réseau de Recherches Antarctiques du Canada. ISSN 1499-013X. eISSN 1499-0148.
Open Geosciences. eISSN 2391-5447.
Periodico di Mineralogia. ISSN 0369-8963. eISSN 2239-1002.
Petroleum. ISSN 2405-6561. eISSN 2405-5816.
Petroleum Research. ISSN 2096-2495. eISSN 2524-1729.
PNAS Nexus. eISSN 2752-6542.
Proceedings of the Romanian Academy. Series B, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Geosciences. ISSN 1454-8267.
El=Profesional de la Información. ISSN 1386-6710. eISSN 1699-2407.
Quaternary Newsletter. ISSN 0143-2826.
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics. ISSN 1674-4527. eISSN 2397-6209.
Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería. ISSN 0798-4065. eISSN 2443-4477.
Rossiyskiy Seysmologiceskiy Zhurnal. ISSN 2686-7907. eISSN 2782-1609.
Seismica. eISSN 2816-9387.
Technical Report - New Mexico State Engineer. ISSN 0545-3038.
Technical Reports of the Australian Museum (Online). eISSN 1835-4211.
Ulum-i Zamin = Geosciences. ISSN 1023-7429. eISSN 2645-4963.
Unconventional Resources. eISSN 2666-5190.
Vertebrate Anatomy, Morphology, Palaeontology. eISSN 2292-1389.
Volcanica. eISSN 2610-3540.
Wisconsin Water Quality, Report to Congress. ISSN 0740-4700.
Yankuang Ceshi = Rock and Mineral Analysis. ISSN 0254-5357.
Zairyo. ISSN 0514-5163. eISSN 1880-7488.
Zitteliana. ISSN 2512-5338. eISSN 2747-8106.

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