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GeoRef Preview Database

GeoRef Preview Database

For free access to the GeoRef Preview Database, please click on the banner above or follow the link below. The database consists of references to recent geoscience publications.

Search the GeoRef Preview Database

Caution: This data is in process for inclusion in GeoRef. It may not yet have been indexed, given a translated title, or checked by a GeoRef editor when you see it.

Each weekend, completed references are removed from the Preview Database and transferred to GeoRef, new references are added, and changes are made in the remaining data.

To access the Preview Database, you may choose to search all fields at once or you may choose to search directly on titles, authors, dates, or source information. General search help and field search help are available. Records may be displayed in three multi-record formats; you can choose the format by clicking on the dropdown list at the top of the results page. You can also view one record at a time by clicking on the "Full record" link where available on the results pages.

You can also contact GeoRef at ml@americangeosciences.org.