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Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Contact Information

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality was created pursuant to passage of the Nebraska Environmental Protection Act in 1971. Although the Department has grown and been given additional responsibilities over the years, its ongoing mission has remained the same - the protection of Nebraska’s air, land and water resources. 

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Nebraska Department of Natural Resources Contact Information

Finding a balance between competing demands is a key to Nebraska‛s resource future. Assessing impacts of alternative soil and water management options requires an understanding of complex issues and substantial amounts of reliable data. The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NDNR) is committed to providing Nebraska‛s citizens and leaders with the data and analyses they need to make wise resource decisions for the benefit of all Nebraskans both now and in the future. The NDNR is a State agency with responsibilities in the areas of: Surface Water, Groundwater, Floodplain Management, Dam Safety, Natural Resources Planning, Water Planning and Integrated Management, Storage of Natural Resources and Related Data, and Administration of State Funds.

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Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Contact Information

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency is charged by state stature to reduce the vulnerabilities of the people and communities of Nebraska from the damage, injury and loss of life and property resulting from natural, technological or man-made disasters and emergencies.

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Nebraska Geological Survey Contact Information
The Survey's mission is to investigate and record information about Nebraska's geologic history, its rock and mineral resources, the quantity and quality of its water resources, land cover and other aspects of its geography, as well as the nature, distribution and uses of its soils.
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Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Contact Information

The Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology (NBMG) is a research and public service unit of the University of Nevada and is the state geological survey. NBMG conducts research and publishes reports on mineral resources, engineering geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, and geologic mapping.

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Nevada Division of Emergency Management Contact Information

The Disvision of Emergency Management (DEM) focuses on preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation resources through partnerships to sustain safe and livable communities for Nevada’s residents and visitors

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Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Contact Information

The Colorado River Commission of Nevada (CRC) is an executive agency of the State of Nevada responsible for acquiring and managing Nevada's share of water and hydropower resources from the Colorado River

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Nevada Division of State Lands Contact Information

State Lands provides the expertise to acquire and hold lands for the State of Nevada. They collaborate with private businesses, citizens, federal- and state-based agencies to effectively and responsibly use the resources Nevada has to offer. 

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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Contact Information

The protection and wise management of the state of New Hampshire’s environment are the important goals of the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES). The department’s responsibilities range from ensuring high levels of water quality for water supplies, ecological balance, and recreational benefits, to regulating the emissions of air pollutants, to fostering the proper management of municipal and industrial waste, to managing water resources for future generations.

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New Hampshire Geological Survey

The New Hampshire Geological Survey's mission is to collect data and perform research on the land, mineral, and water resources of the state, and disseminate the findings to the public through maps, reports, and other publications.

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