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Iowa Mines and Minerals Bureau

The Iowa Mines and Mineral Bureau is housed within the Iowa Department of Agriculture. The Bureau handles abandoned mine land reclamation, as well as regulation, licensing, permitting, and bids for coal and mineral resource projects.

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Kansas Corporation Commission - Conservation Division

The KCC's Conservation Division regulates oil and natural gas production in the state. Its mission is to protect correlative rights and environmental resources with effective regulatory oversight of oil and natural gas exploration and production activities, and intrastate gas storage.

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Kansas Department of Health and Environment Contact Information

The mission of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is to protect and improve the health and environment of all Kansans. The Department consists of three divisions: Environment, Health Care Finance, and Public Health. The Division of Environment has the following six bureaus that work toward Kansans living in safe and sustainable environments: Air, Environmental Field Services, Environmental Remediation, Health and Environmental Laboratories, Waste Management and Water.

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Kansas Division of Emergency Management Contact Information

The Division of Emergency Management is the arm of the Adjutant General's Department that provides mitigation advocacy, planning requirements and guidance, response coordination, and administration of recovery programs for the civil sector of the State, regardless of the type of hazards.

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Kansas Energy Office Contact Information

The Kansas Energy Office, a division of the Kansas Corporation Commission, administers programs and connects Kansans to objective information about conservation, efficiency, and alternative energy. Funding is provided by the federal State Energy Program.

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Kansas Geological Survey Contact Information

The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS), a research and service division of the University of Kansas, is charged by statute with studying and providing information on the state's geologic resources.

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Kansas Water Office Contact Information

The Kansas Water Office is the water planning, policy, coordination and marketing agency for the state. The primary statutory function of the agency is the development and implementation of the Kansas Water Plan. State law requires the Kansas Water Office to "Formulate on a continuing basis a comprehensive State Water Plan for the management, conservation and development of the water resources of the state. KWO, in coordination with the Kansas Water Authority, also reviews all water laws and makes recommendations to the Governor and Legislature for needed legislation to ensure water policies and programs address the needs of all Kansans.

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Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Contact Information

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection's mission is to protect and enhance Kentucky's environment.  This mission has a direct impact on Kentucky's public health, citizens' safety, and the quality of Kentucky's natural resources.

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Kentucky Department for Natural Resources Contact Information

The Kentucky Department for Natural Resources, through its divisions and partnerships, provides technical assistance, education and funding to help landowners, institutions, industries, and communities in conserving and sustaining Kentucky's natural resources.  In addition, the department inspects timber harvests and mining operations to ensure the protection of citizens, the environment, and workers.

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Kentucky Emergency Management Contact Information

Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM) is a division of the Kentucky Department of Military Affairs. Among other programs, KYEM co-ordinates dedicated programs related to earthquakes, hazardous materials, and superfund sites.

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