Congressional Briefings

In collaboration with other scientific societies and coalitions, the AGI Geoscience Policy Program hosts congressional briefings to educate and inform policy makers on relevant geoscience topics and issues. These briefings feature scientific speakers from government, academic, and industry sectors.

Please view past and upcoming congressional briefing notices on our website and feel free to reach out to with questions.

A geothermal power plant at The Geysers near Santa Rosa, California. Some areas of The Geysers have been important test beds for enhanced geothermal systems. Image credit: USGS/Photo by Julie Donnelly-Nolan
Speakers: Brian Anderson, Director of Strategic Research in Energy and Professor, West Virginia University Patrick Dobson, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Chad Augustine, Geothermal Analysis Team Lead, National Renewable Energy Laboratory In this briefing, speakers will highlight recent successes in geothermal research and address questions, including:
Mexico City Earthquake, 1985
Rare-earth elements (REE) and other critical mineral resources are essential to daily life, jobs, and national security. From cell phones to renewable energy to jet fighters, these resources are the building blocks of modern civilization. World population growth and rising standards of living in countries like China, India, and Brazil have increased the demand for mineral resources – raising the potential for supply disruptions and international conflict. Pending Congressional legislation and daily news headlines indicate a pressing need for action.
U.S. Capitol with flag
Energy from the Earth: Practical Geoscience to Inform Energy Legislation was the first in a series of briefings meant to highlight how geoscience information contributes to effective energy and environmetnal decision making. Held on November 21, 2013, the briefing was hosted by the Geoscience Energy Briefing Consortium.