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diaene (di'-aene). A sponge spicule with two rays of equal length and one of a different length, usually longer; a triaene with one ray reduced or absent.


Keuper (Keu'-per). A term used (esp. in Germany) to what is now approx. the Upper Triassic (above Muschelkalk, below Jurassic). Essentially a lithostratigraphic term.


cryosol . Soil formed in either mineral or organic materials having permafrost either within 1 m below the surface or, if the soil is strongly cryoturbated, within 2 m below the surface, and having a mean annual ground temperature below 0° C. Cryosols are divided into turbic cryosols developed on mineral soils and strongly cryoturbated; static cryosols developed on mineral soils but with little or no cryoturbation; and organic cryosols developed on organic (peat) materials (Canada Soil Survey Committee, 1978).

AGU100 Interview on NPR’s Morning Edition: Reflections on Motherhood and Being a Woman Scientist

Zoe Courville (L) and Lora Koenig (R) outside the StoryCorps Airstream at Fall Meeting in December, 2017.

We have exciting news about two AGU scientists: Lora Koenig, President-elect for the Cryosphere Sciences Section, and Zoe Courville were featured this morning on the StoryCorps segment of NPR’s Morning Edition program, which airs on hundreds of public radio stations across the nation, in an interview about how they work to balance their love of science and motherhood and the challenges that come with it.

Popular Week of March 9, 2018

Fumeroles in Mihayama Crater - Ooshima Volcano

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