How much energy does a person use in a year?

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A coal-fired power plant in Westport, Kentucky on the Ohio River. Image Copyright © Michael Collier.

In 2017, total energy use per person (“per capita consumption”) in the United States was 300 million British thermal units (Btu).1,2 32% of this was from industrial use, 29% from transportation, 20% from residential use, and 18% from commercial use.1 Per-person energy use in the United States decreased by 10.7% from 2007 to 2017.3

For comparison, here is the 2015 per-person energy use (in million Btu) for a selection of other countries:4

Canada 401
South Korea 225
Russia 207
France 154
Japan 146
United Kingdom 124
South Africa 88
China 86
Chile 75
Turkey 73
Uzbekistan 67
Mexico 60
India 19
Philippines 15
Sudan 7.7
World Average 755,6


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