What types and amounts of energy are produced in each state?

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A coal-fired power plant in Westport, Kentucky on the Ohio River. Image Copyright © Michael Collier. http://www.earthscienceworld.org/images
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Energy Information Administration FAQs:

"EIA has data on the types and amounts of energy produced in each state:

Coal, crude oil, natural gas, and fuel ethanol production in physical units and British Thermal Unit (Btu) equivalents back to 1960 in our State Energy Data System (SEDS). To locate data for each state, click on the "Change State/Territory" field, which is above the "Overview" tab. Select a state and scroll over the "Data" tab, and in the drop down menu select a data period under "Energy Estimates (SEDS)."  Scroll down the resulting page and select the "Production" bar to access pdf and csv files for data on the types and amounts of energy produced.

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