State Geological Survey Publications: Reaching Beyond State Boundaries

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AGI's Critical Issues Program aims to increase the use of geoscience information in the decision-making process, particularly at the state and local levels. The program specifically increases the discoverability of state geological survey content by featuring that content in the Research Database and Maps & Visualizations sections of the website.

Analysis of website traffic over the past year, indicates that 82% of visits to the Critical Issues website originated from those using search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find information.

State geological survey publications comprise 71% of the Research Database’s 4,001 publications, and 44% of the 135 maps & visualizations on the website. Over the past year, clicks on links from 79% of Research Database publications and 43% of Maps & Visualizations took visitors to state geological survey websites. Furthermore, 18% of all clicks on links from the entire Critical Issues website took visitors to state geological survey websites.

State geological survey content is frequently viewed by users from outside the survey’s own state. Within the U.S., 47% of state geological survey publications and 49% of state geological survey maps on the Critical Issues website were viewed by out-of-state visitors. Furthermore, views of state geological survey content by visitors from outside the U.S. comprised 10% of survey publication views and 6% of survey map views.

The Critical Issues Research Database, which provides full-text searching, covers a small fraction of the over 55,000 state geological survey publications indexed by AGI’s GeoRef database. As the Critical Issues website expands its coverage, it will continue to increase the discoverability of state geological survey content nationally and globally.