Introducing GROW, a new career tool for the geoscience community

Friday, April 14, 2023

GROW (Geoscience Resources on Opportunities in the Workforce) is a new collection of career resources for geoscience undergraduate and graduate students wondering, “What job opportunities do I have outside of academia?” This webinar will discuss the aims of the GROW project, framing the geoscience careers conversation around transferable skills, student identities, and the dynamic nature of the workforce. We will introduce the GROW website (, which hosts the resources for departments, mentors, and students, and provide guidance to heads and chairs on how best to use this tool to support their students’ career development.

Please meet our panelists for the April webinar –
Madison (Maddie) Wood is a PhD student and Adina Paytan is a Research Scientist  in the Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of California Santa Cruz

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Equitably Addressing Community Priorities: Geoscientists and Communities co-creating tools and solutions

Friday, March 24, 2023

Natasha Udu-gama, Ph.D., Director and Maria Sharova, Program Manager, from the Thriving Earth Exchange team at the AGU will discuss the values and principles that are the foundation of their community science approach. In addition, they will describe through key examples how geoscientists and communities can collaborate equitably within this approach to advance the development and deployment of tools and solutions that address community priorities related to climate change, natural hazards and natural resources. Audience members will also learn more about how geoscientists at all career stages can get involved in Thriving Earth's community science approach, develop new skills, create meaningful partnerships with communities, and, ultimately, make a difference.

Please meet our panelists for the March webinar – Dr. Natasha Udu-gama is the director of the Thriving Earth Exchange program at AGU and Maria Sharova is the Program Manager who specializes in creating and leading the deep engagement with the fellows in the program.

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The Geoscience Workforce - Today and Future Trajectories

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The geosciences are at a crossroads as a scientific enterprise with society increasingly relying on solutions to a myriad of issues which the geosciences can help address – including climate change impact mitigation, raw materials, new ways of addressing energy needs, and management of our water resources.  At the same time, technology and the structure of Western economies are advancing at a breakneck pace, which when coupled with the new societal demands is making for a geoscience enterprise that looks little like that of the 20th and early 21st centuries.  This webinar will explore the state of geoscience employment and education and look at the trends that are likely to form the geoscience profession for the rest of the century.

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AGI Hosts New IRIS Online Course on Careers in Geophysics

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The SAGE Facilities operated by Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) and workforce diversity and inclusion expert Heather Houlton have developed a free, five-hour course, "Unearth Your Future: How You Can Shape the Geoscience Profession for the Needs of the 21st Century," which is geared toward undergraduate students, sharing new perspectives on geoscience and geophysics careers, workforce information, and key strategies for conducting a successful job search.

Exploring for the Future International Showcase

Thursday, August 11, 2022

By 2024 the Australian Government will have invested $225 million in an unprecedented level of precompetitive geoscience data acquisition and knowledge generation. Led by Australia’s national geoscience organisation, Geoscience Australia, the program is gathering and analysing geological, geochemical and geophysical data. Results are publicly available and are informing decision-making and investment in Australia’s resources sector to deliver a reliable pipeline of resources for the world.

The Exploring for the Future International Showcase will provide an overview of the program’s impact and will share scientific advancements made to date, through a series of short talks and a question and answer session. At its heart, the program is stimulating industry today by delivering an improved understanding of Australia’s potential minerals, energy, and groundwater resources.

More information is available on the website ( and you can access the vast array of datasets and decision support tools developed by the program through the Data Discovery portal (

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Presenters and topics

  • Welcome and introductory remarks, Dr. Karol Czarnota
  • Value of precompetitive geoscience, Dr. Andrew Heap
  • Big data acquisition, tools and the portal, Dr. Laura Gow
  • Uncovering resource potential: Tennant Creek to Mount Isa, Dr. Geoff Fraser
  • Advancing mineral systems science, Dr. Arianne Ford
  • Hydrogen and green steel potential, Dr. Andrew Feitz

The presentations will be followed with a moderated discussion between the presenters and event attendees.

All sessions will be conducted in English with live captioning in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Modern Chinese, and Hindi.

Please contact if you have any follow-on questions about the presentations or the event.

This event is organized by Geoscience Australia and hosted by the American Geosciences Institute

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