Interactive map of groundwater levels and subsidence in California

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Screenshot of map showing groundwater level changes in California

The California Department of Water Resources has created an interactive map that shows geospatially referenced groundwater levels, groundwater table elevation, and subsidence in California.

The map includes:

  • Groundwater depth below ground surface
  • Groundwater elevation
  • Groundwater change in elevation from year to year
  • Subsidence trends as measured by extensometers and at GPS stations
  • Cumulative subsidence at GPS stations
  • Changes in groundwater levels from long-term monitoring wells
  • Estimated potential for future subsidence in each groundwater basin

Other layers show which regions are encompassed by groundwater management plans, groundwater models, and county boundaries. Users can choose how to visualize water levels (points, contours, or a color ramp), whether to include legislative boundaries, and can download the data for further use and analysis.

Click here to access the interactive map.

Source: California Department of Water Resources